The drinking water industry confronts many challenges due to traditional disinfection methods, such as microbial contamination and harmful disinfection byproducts (DBPs). Other issues include unpleasant taste and odors in drinking water, and biofilm formation. Such issues pose risks to public health and the environment, which necessitates finding an alternative that is a more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Such solution should offer total and effective disinfection and maintains drinking water quality.

AquaSEEN for the drinking water replaces all traditional chemicals used in the drinking water disinfection and treatment industry. Some of the compounds include chlorine components such as chlorine gas (Cl2) and Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine), and UV light and ozone. 

AquaSEEN also effectively removes a broad spectrum of water contaminants such as heavy metals, and high levels of oxidizers. Also, it eliminates temporary and total hardness components like Ca, Mg, CaCl2, MgCl2, CaSO4, MgSO4, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). AquaSEEN also removes chlorides, and sulphates, sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, nitrate anion, nitrite anion, ammonia, iron, magnesium, organic micro-pollutants, hexavalent chrome, arsenic, and fluorides.

AquaSEEN for the drinking water is the most cost-effective solution in the market. It lowers operations costs by reducing contact time required for water treatment, water wastage, and power consumption. AquaSEEN reduces reliance on multiple hazardous chemicals, extensive chemical storage and handling, time-consuming steps, and labor training. AquaSEEN can be generated on-site, providing a constant, potent solution with a shelf life of up to 24 months.

AquaSEEN assists in the retention of beneficial minerals in water and eliminates the need for a Carbone filter or Chlor removal, just like THMs. Also, it helps water utilities achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory standards for water quality by providing effective disinfection with minimal byproducts. AquaSEEN eliminates the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and reduces equipment corrosion issues and flammability concerns, which further helps reduce liability exposures.

Advantages of use AquaSEEN
Cost Efficiency
Cost Efficiency
AquaSEEN offers substantial cost savings by reducing labor, time, and money associated with water treatment. Its on-site generation capability minimizes the need for chemical storage and handling, ensuring efficient and economical disinfection
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainability
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainability
AquaSEEN promotes a sustainable approach to water treatment. AquaSEEN eliminates the need for multiple chemicals and reduces the environmental footprint by employing an all-natural composition. AquaSEEN does not produce harmful byproducts, requires no rin
All-in-One Solution
All-in-One Solution
AquaSEEN is a versatile, all-in-one solution that eliminates a wide range of contaminants, from heavy metals to microbial threats. This comprehensive approach ensures water safety and purity. AquaSEEN is suitable for CIP
AquaSEEN's adaptability extends to various water treatment applications, including primary and emergency disinfection and point-of-use devices. It can efficiently replace multiple traditional methods, simplifying the process and saving resources.
Effective Microbial Control
Effective Microbial Control
AquaSEEN excels at eradicating microbial contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa, ensuring drinking water is safe and free from harmful microorganisms. AquaSEEN also eliminates a wide range of pollutants, does not stain or discolor, removes
Reliability and Safety
Reliability and Safety
AquaSEEN offers a reliable and safe solution for water disinfection. AquaSEEN’s quick action, stable solution, and lack of residual effects make it ideal for maintaining water quality. It does not affect pH and thus does not compromise water taste or odou

What Technology Does AquaSEEN Use?

AquaSEEN uses Electrochemical Activated solutions (ECA) technology to modify the inherent properties of water molecules. It creates an environment where microorganisms cannot survive. It is a potent antimicrobial, capable of eliminating 99.99% of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria such as escherichia coli, salmonella spp., and shigella spp.. Other types of bacteria include legionella pneumophila, vibrio cholerae, hemolytic uremic syndrome HUS, pseudomonas dermatitis, Salmonella enterica, and Mycobacterium avium. AquaSEEN eliminates viruses like norovirus, Adenovirus, rotavirus, enterovirus (polioviruses, coxsakieviruses, and echoviruses), hepatitis a virus, enteric viruses. Also, it is effective against protozoa and parasites (giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium parvum, entamoeba histolytica, toxoplasma gondii, cyclospora spp) and and microbial biofilms formed by various bacteria. Moreover, it combats fungal spores (aspergillus spp., candida albicans, folliculitis) and algae (cyanobacteria: blue-green algae, green algae, diatoms, harmful algal blooms (HABs).

AquaSEEN's active ingredient, HOCL, outperforms bleach in strength. It is safe for human and animal contact and versatile for disinfection applications.

Is AquaSEEN officially approved and regulated by government agencies?

Yes, AquaSEEN for the drinking water has obtained approval and endorsement from key official government agencies and regulatory bodies, including:

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • The World Health Organization (WHO).
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  • AquaSEEN eliminates unpleasant tastes and odors in drinking water.
  • AquaSEEN prevents biofilm formation in distribution systems.
  • AquaSEEN is the only solution, especially during emergencies or waterborne disease outbreaks. It is the answer especially when there is a need for rapid and effective disinfection measures.
  • AquaSEEN offers total disinfection without residual chemicals.
  • AquaSEEN has multiple application methods, including fogging, dosing pumps, direct addition to water, in-line injection, batch treatment, and point-of-use disinfection.
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