In the world of pioneering solutions, where the quest for safe, eco-friendly water disinfection commenced, AquaSEEN emerged as an avant-garde, redefining the narrative of sustainable water solutions. At the helm of this visionary venture stands a team of experts, an engineer driven by an unrelenting passion for transformative change where the year 2014 marked the commencement of a remarkable journey, characterized by audacious dreams and an unwavering commitment to a greener, safer world.


AquaSEEN Team's journey commenced in Belgium, where he introduced electrolyzed water under the name AquaSEEN, His vision transcended borders, leading to collaborations with numerous companies across diverse industries. AquaSEEN Team's extensive expertise encompassed Tracking and IT, Electronics, Chemical Production, Manufacturing, and Electrolics Technologies, spanning across regions. However, the path to success was no easy feat, even though his unwavering determination made it appear effortless.


Challenges loomed on multiple fronts, from developing a stable application capable of meeting the demanding global market standards to navigating intricate international regulations and restrictions. However, the Team’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions was the driving force behind every step forward. His victory solidified his position as a pioneer in eco-friendly water disinfection. Undeterred by these challenges, AbuLaban pressed onward.


As AquaSEEN matured, recognition from ACDC and WHO followed suit, leading to an expanded clientele that included industry giants such as Pepsico, Coca-Cola, and Nestle. Also, Joint ventures and partnerships with prominent companies, coupled with continuous research and development, provided the fuel for this remarkable journey.


Furthermore, the global COVID-19 pandemic marked a transformative turning point, as the scarcity of traditional disinfectants prompted organizations like WHO and CDC to explore alternatives, including HOCL. His journey earned him recognition from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), highlighting his pivotal contribution during a global pandemic. In a remarkably short time, he transitioned from selling reactors to manufacturing the final product, further solidifying his presence in the market. Subsequently, AquaSEEN achieved the distinction of becoming the first and only company certified to sanitize water.


Today, as we reflect on our journey at AquaSEEN, we acknowledge that every challenge and triumph achieved has served as a stepping stone. Our history transcends a mere list of accomplishments; it is a testament to our resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable world. Together, we remain committed to shaping the future, one drop at a time, under the visionary guidance and determination of AquaSEEN Team.

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