AquaSEEN is an electrochemical-activated solutions (ECA) technology. It is used to modify the inherent properties of water molecules, creating an environment hostile to microorganisms. It is a potent antimicrobial, capable of eliminating 99.999% of harmful microorganisms, including spores, bacteria, viruses, fungi, & yeasts (wild strains). AquaSEEN's active ingredient, HOCL, outperforms bleach by 70-80 times in strength. It is safe for human and animal contact and versatile for disinfection applications, including water treatment, food sanitation, and disinfection of various surfaces and machines.

Fruit and Vegetable

AquaSEEN offers a safer, more effective, and sustainable alternative to traditional toxic chemicals

Health Care Facilities

Due to its non-toxicity & non-corrosive nature AquaSEEN is ideal for surface sterilization or ambient air disinfection

Pharmaceutical Industries

AquaSEEN is ideal for surface sterilization or ambient air disinfection trough misting of Pharmaceutical facilities


AquaSEEN increases vitality and resistance, and improves fertility

Food Manufacturing

AquaSEEN effectively targets a range of common microbial pathogens from various sources

Drinking Water

AquaSEEN replaces all traditional chemicals used in the drinking water disinfection

HOCI Technology

AquaSEEN is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that has undergone extensive testing, approving its ability to eliminate 99.999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts (wild strains).

Why AquaSEEN
AquaSEEN has worked for many years to research and develop our own product.
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